Christendom College Stands Up for Life

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Christendom College Stands Up for Life

Bradley Mattes   |   November 15, 2012

I love Christendom College. Every year they close the campus for the March for Life in Washington, DC. They’ve been doing this since 1977 when the college was founded. Each Saturday students peacefully pray and protest outside a DC abortion mill. Once a semester, faculty and staff join them in a larger protest. This year over 200 showed up. In the past, Planned Parenthood put a fence around a public access area to discourage these praying students. When told a fence was illegal, they planted thorny rose bushes instead, trying to make it hard on the students. But nothing can dampen their enthusiasm for standing up for innocent human life. God bless you, Christendom College, and your students, faculty and staff for your bold witness for the babies.

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