Abortion at 35 Weeks

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Abortion at 35 Weeks

Bradley Mattes   |   November 27, 2012

Those who promote abortion don’t want to talk about late-term abortions. The media, pro-abortion activists and Planned Parenthood know it’s bad for business. Last year, a notorious late-term abortionist, Shelley Sella in New Mexico, botched a late-term abortion by rupturing the woman’s uterus. The 911 call was released and you can hear someone from the abortion mill say the woman was 35 weeks along. Let that sink in. The woman would have given birth in about three weeks, but there she was having a legal abortion in the United States. The New Mexico Medical Board is planning to have a hearing only because she maimed the mother in the process, not because she killed the baby. How did we sink so low that this doesn’t generate a total outcry by Americans?

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