They’re Trying to Intimidate Your Church

It’s no secret this is considered one of the most pivotal election years in US history. Its importance is heavily touted by those on both sides of the political landscape. Yet, in spite of all the hype, a large number of your fellow Americans will enter the voting booth uninformed, and sadly many others will choose to not exercise their right to vote at all.

There’s a deliberate effort led by anti-religion organizations to intimidate churches throughout the nation into remaining silent on the most important issues of our day—primarily abortion. Americans United for Separation of Church and State sent a letter of intimidation to 60,000 targeted churches, warning them to keep quiet.

“Separation of church and state” is used and abused by those who want to silence the voice of believers. Church leaders may be afraid to even broach certain topics for fear of alienation or worse. There’s even threats of having their 501(c)(3) status revoked by the IRS. This is nothing more than a tactic of manipulation and fear.

A study released this week by the Pew Research Center revealed that 73% of Americans identify themselves as affiliated with the Christian faith. With those numbers, it’s apparent how the term “silent majority” originated. Christians have been intimidated into thinking they can’t publically speak up, thus setting up the illusion of a discrepancy between political issues and the position of the church.

That falsehood can no longer suppress Christian leaders. I’m happy to report Gospel of Life Ministries has introduced two detailed voter guides that outline key social issues to the electorate. One details the positions of President Barack Obama and presidential candidate, Mitt Romney; the other offers a comparison by party platform. They’ve conducted detailed research, including citations, in order to present a clear and concise report of where the parties and candidates stand on some of the most pressing issues facing our country. They don’t endorse any candidate or party, but simply present the facts in an unbiased fashion that allows you and other voters to make an informed decision.

The best part is these guides have been legally approved for distribution by churches and non-profit organizations. That means churches can share this critical information and have the peace of mind they’re legally protected. In fact, not only do churches have these legal rights, it’s also your God-given privilege and freedom to address these issues and exercise your right to vote.

It isn’t enough for us to individually pull the lever; we must also encourage others to vote and give them the tools to do so knowledgeably. That’s why I’m asking you to take a stand with me.

  • Number one: forward this message to your church leaders and others.
  • Encourage your pastor to review the Voter Guides , download them and make them available to your congregation. Churches of all faiths can participate.
  • Share the Voter Guides on Facebook, Twitter, via email and even post them on websites—including churches.
  • Most importantly, pray each and every day for God’s hand to be on the election, the candidates and on our great country.

You and I play a vital role in shaping the future of this country, most importantly, in the cause for life. If we don’t do our part, the next generation may not even be born.

Bradley Mattes
President, Life Issues Institute

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