Secret Late-Term Abortions

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Secret Late-Term Abortions

Bradley Mattes   |   July 25, 2012

James Pendergraft is a notorious late-term abortionist. Due to legal and medical violations, he can’’t practice medicine in any state, yet runs five abortion mills in Florida. But it’’s not slowing him down from making huge money from late-term abortions. He recruits pregnant women using a website, keeping details of the abortion facility secret. A pro-life woman phoned Pendergraft, posing as a mother wanting an abortion for her daughter who was seven months pregnant. He readily agreed to arrange the abortion for the cool sum of $10,000. Another abortionist does the dirty deed by injecting lethal medication into the baby’’s heart. According to the website, women are often sent back to their general physician to deal with the dead baby. Please pray this and all killing can be ended.

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