Graphic Sex Ed for Fifth Graders

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Graphic Sex Ed for Fifth Graders

Bradley Mattes   |   June 26, 2012

Parents in the small Washington town of Onalaska are incensed, and they’’ve got every right to be. Their fifth-grade children were supposed to have a class on HIV-AIDS, but it turned into a very graphic description of oral sex by the principal teaching the class. One child said she was taught a boy “was basically like a candy lollipop.” Superintendent Scott Fenter defended the principal’’s action, saying you can’t answer questions about STDs without being graphic. To put it diplomatically, the man is ignorant. I could’’ve easily answered the child’’s question without crossing the line and traumatizing them. The parents are justified to be angry, and they need to make sure this principal and superintendent are unemployed. It’’ll only get worse if parents stay on the sidelines. Fight for your children.

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