German Doctors Apologize for Holocaust

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German Doctors Apologize for Holocaust

Bradley Mattes   |   June 06, 2012

The German Medical Association made a surprising apology for its role in the Holocaust of World War Two. It said contrary to belief, the doctors weren’’t forced to participate in experimenting on and killing prisoners, but enthusiastically led the way. It doesn’’t diminish the horrific reality of the Holocaust, but it has placed responsibility right where it belongs. Someday, the same will be required of the American medical community. They’’ve willfully and sometimes enthusiastically committed the heinous act of abortion, recommended the killing or referred women to abortionists to do the killing. Abortion, by the sheer numbers, dwarfs the human carnage of World War Two. They are both vicious and violent marks on our world’s history. By God’s grace, we’ll wake America to the truth and end the killing.

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