Euthanized for Macular Degeneration

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Euthanized for Macular Degeneration

Bradley Mattes   |   April 17, 2012

Euthanasis’s legal in Holland. The Germans initiated euthanasia before World War II, and in no time, they were killing bed wetters. I’ve often said it’s a slippery slope that knows no end. If you need modern-day proof, listen to this. A woman in her eighties was euthanized in Holland because she had macular degeneration, which affects eyesight. She was also getting hard of hearing and suffered normal issues of being elderly. But a Dutch committee cleared the so-called doctor who euthanized her. This isn’t far from killing bed wetters. My colleague, Dr. Willke, was a founding member of the pro-life movement. He’s in his 80s and suffers vision and hearing loss. But they’d have to climb over my dead body to off him. With Obamacare, that vulnerability is closer than you think.

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