Abortion Versus Childbirth

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Abortion Versus Childbirth

Bradley Mattes   |   February 13, 2012

Pro-abortion activists are once again trotting out a decades-old and flawed study that says abortion is safer than childbirth. This study shows you can make statistics say basically anything you want. Here’’s how they did it. They didn’’t include the longer-term risks for women who abort their babies. The study also doesn’’t account for abortion’’s physical damage done on women. Nor does it take into account many deaths due to abortion that are attributed to other causes because of the stigma surrounding abortion. In countries where abortion isn’’t legal, such as Ireland, maternal mortality after birth is consistently low. And in countries with liberal abortion laws, it’’s consistently high. So don’’t believe the pro-abortion propaganda that abortion’’s safer than childbirth. Choosing life is much safer.

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