Her Medical Honesty is Chilling

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Her Medical Honesty is Chilling

Bradley Mattes   |   January 26, 2012

Pro-abortion activist Merle Hoffman shocked her colleagues recently. She’’s the president of a New York abortion mill. While being interviewed by Salon, a pro-abortion website, Merle told her fellow activists, “”You don’’t have to argue that abortion stops a beating heart. It does.”” While I appreciate her medical honesty, her stand on abortion is chilling. She advocates and provides abortion even though she knows it kills humans. Plantation owners knew the humanity of slaves as they maimed and killed them. Nazi soldiers knew the humanity of holocaust victims as they experimented on them and gassed them. What Merle has in common with these vicious people of history is she knows unborn babies are human and have a beating heart, but she still helps to kill them anyway.

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