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Aggressive Expansion of the Black Death

ve8QAd   |   August 12, 2011

Abortion continues to haunt the Black community more than any other cause of death, and pro-life advocates are demonstrating that they will not remain silent.

Coming on the heels of the first video that garnered 69,000 hits on our Protecting Black Life website alone, the National Black Prolife Coalition, in partnership with The Radiance Foundation, has released the second clip of its three-part video campaign called “NUMBERS DON’T LIE.”

Abortion has reached deeply disturbing epidemic levels in the Black community. This latest video puts it into an eye-opening perspective.

In state after state and city after city…black lives are in danger. Tragically, deaths outnumber life in the black community. What the one-minute video shares next is shocking. Watch the clip.

The video implores the viewer to understand that “The #1 killer of Black Americans is Planned Parenthood and the abortuaries that target us.  Abortion (363,705). All other causes combined (289,366). Stop Planned Parenthood. Bring an end to the genocide.”

The coalition’s video also calls out Black leaders who’ve betrayed their community by either silence on or complicity with abortion. When these “leaders” don’t speak out against the obliteration of their own people, they play a role in sacrificing 15 million Black babies on the bloodthirsty altar of the abortion industry. Furthermore, they’re all doing so to advance their political or personal gain.

Join with us in the National Black Prolife Coalition’s call to restore life and hope to the Black community. You can help this second video go viral. Post it on your Facebook, Twitter, and email accounts. Be an essential part in changing the course of this dangerous tide of death.

One by one, hearts and minds can be changed to bring an end to this devastation wrought on Black communities throughout our nation—it all starts with you.

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