He Killed the Hamster

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He Killed the Hamster

Bradley Mattes   |   April 08, 2011

In Brooklyn, New York a teenager was arrested and charged with a felony. If found guilty, he could get two years in prison. What was his crime? He killed his little sister’’s hamster. I’’m not kidding. Authorities even did an animal autopsy on the four-ounce hamster to determine it died from being chocked and squeezed. Now, I’’m not for animal cruelty, —but charging big brother with a felony for killing his sister’s hamster? Come on! These are the same officials who look the other way when thousands of unborn human babies are killed in abortion mills. What’s more, —the right to legally kill innocent preborn children is not only tolerated, it’’s often celebrated in the New York City area, the abortion capital of the nation. America, you need to get your priorities straight.

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