Pro-Aborts’ Advice: Chill Out

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Pro-Aborts’ Advice: Chill Out

Bradley Mattes   |   March 09, 2011

Even pro-abortion activists say their movement is too radical and rigid. Well, sort of. Frances Kissling recently wrote in the Washington Post pro-lifers are getting more “sophisticated” and they aren’t. She says, and I quote, “The ‘pro-choice’ brand has eroded considerably.” Also noting public sentiment is now on the side of life, Kissling says the pro-abortion movement must realize Americans see late-term abortion as particularly appalling. She further laments the November election and the continued erosion of abortion-on-demand. Kissling advises pro-abortion activists to firmly oppose late-term abortion. But by the time she defines all the exceptions, it’s just hollow talk. Yes, we’re winning the battle of abortion. But we need your continued prayers to reach our goal.

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