Police Question North Dakota Abortion Mill

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Police Question North Dakota Abortion Mill

Bradley Mattes   |   January 07, 2011

There’’s only one abortion mill in North Dakota. It’’s located in Fargo, and local police are investigating whether or not some of its abortionists were operating without a license. Lori Thorndike and Miriam McCreary are out-of-state abortionists who do abortions there. But both of their licenses expired the end of June and had not been renewed. Now there are accusations health officials made a back-room deal about it while misleading the public. Considering the shady reputation of abortionists in general, it’’s important to know if these two performed surgical procedures without a license. Many abortion mills have been shut down for being dangers to women. The North Dakota mill boasts of “high professional standards and concern for the safety” of women. I guess time will tell.

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