Increasing Number of Abortions

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Increasing Number of Abortions

Bradley Mattes   |   January 25, 2011

The media have recently reported the number of abortions has risen after several years of declining numbers. Planned Parenthood jumped on the bandwagon saying it’’s because people don’’t have enough access to birth control. I don’’t know how they can say this with a straight face when it’’s being offered in today’’s society every time we turn around. Their own figures show about half the women who have abortions chose not to use birth control. Instead, they’’re using abortion as birth control. Secondly, there’’s a word we use for people who use birth control, whether —artificial or natural family planning. The word is “parents.” Every method of family planning has a failure rate. This is why we need to teach a message of abstinence until marriage. Abstinence works every single time.

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