Babies Called Medical Waste

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Babies Called Medical Waste

Bradley Mattes   |   January 03, 2011

Standing in front of an abortion mill in the Bronx, a woman wouldn’’t have noticed a large truck double-parked, except for one thing. On the back it read “medical waste,” which means it was there to pick up and dispose of the bodies of dead preborn children. Babies whose lives were brutally ended by abortion. Every day in our so-called civilized society, the bodies of over three thousand babies are quietly disposed of as medical waste. And not a peep out of the media even though a football celebrity who mistreats animals makes headlines around the world. Where are our priorities? More important, what are you doing to stop abortion? Visit today’’s broadcast link at life issues dot org (see below) to find out how you can help save lives. Together, we can lower the body count.

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