How I Can Help

There are MANY wasy you can help save unborn babies. Everyone can do something to stand for life. Pick and do at least five things.

  1. Pray for an end to abortion and ask others to pray.
  2. Share pro-life news, stories, images, blogs, and videos online via social media.
  3. Educate yourself by subscribing to The Latest (weekly blog) and Life Issues (our daily brief radio commentaries). Each will keep you abreast of the latest happenings regarding abortion and related life issues. Perfect for sharing on social media
  4. Encourage your member of the clergy to preach about abortion. Direct them to our Church Pro-Life Resources page.
  5. Talk about the life issues with friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers.
  6. Wear a Precious Feet pin every day to invite discussion.
  7. Pledge to vote only for pro-life candidates.
  8. Contact your senators and representatives when legislation concerning life issues is before Congress. Also contact your local and state legislators.
  9. Get training and volunteer to be a sidewalk counselor at an abortion facility.
  10. Volunteer at a pregnancy help center. Find a center near you.
  11. Support our pro-life efforts by making a one-time or monthly donation to a pro-life organization.
  12. Know what to do—and what not to do. Read this great advice from CareNet.
  13. Donate baby clothes, maternity clothes, diapers, toys and other baby items to a pregnancy help center. Yard sales are great resources.
  14. Organize a diaper drive by asking churches and others to collect diapers, then donate them to your local pregnancy help center.
  15. Refer an abortion-minded woman to your local pregnancy help center. Find one near you.
  16. Call in to radio shows when the talk turns to life issues.
  17. Choose your words carefully. Many words dehumanize the unborn child.
  18. Pay attention to mainstream media to familiarize yourself with pro-abortion arguments and learn how to rebut them.
  19. Watch pro-life TV programs such as Facing Life Head-On and share the episodes with others.
  20. Write letters to the editor about life issues.
  21. Encourage teenagers to share the pro-life message.
  22. Describe yourself as pro-life.
  23. Wear a pro-life t-shirt any day and especially during National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week.
  24. Put a pro-life bumper sticker; license plate, or license plate frame on your car.
  25. Volunteer for or financially support pro-life candidates during their campaigns.
  26. Show your love and concern to someone who has lost a baby to abortion by sending a personal note.
  27. Pray for those affected by abortion, including fathers and mothers who’ve lost a child to abortion, abortionists, those considering abortion, and all unborn babies.
  28. Pray for the work of pregnancy help centers and their staff members.
  29. Join a pro-life club at your school or university, or start one.
  30. Arrange for a pro-life speaker to do a presentation at your church or civic group.
  31. Organize a pro-life event at your school, church or community group.
  32. Become a liaison between your church and a local pro-life group.
  33. Volunteer your professional services to a pro-life organization.
  34. Attend the annual March for Life in Washington DC or pro-life event in your local area.
  35. Be selective in what you buy, boycott corporate sponsors of abortion. The 2nd Vote app can help.
  36. Write or email pro-abortion companies and tell them why they lost you as a customer.
  37. Offer to babysit for a single parent or parents of a disabled child.
  38. Complete a Durable Power of Attorney (Will to Live) to protect your own life and the lives of your family members when you cannot speak for yourselves.