What Happens in Vegas

Young mothers routinely exit abortion mills with intense regret. Many wish they could stop the tragedy that began moments before. Believing all hope is lost, they carry on with a deadly medical procedure of late-term abortion that often takes days to complete. These women need to know it’s not, in fact, “too late.”

Jamie Stout is glad someone told her. Twenty weeks into her pregnancy, Jamie entered an abortion mill in Las Vegas and began the three-day process of ending baby Claire’s life. Thanks to quick intervention on the part of a pregnancy resource center, a friend met Jamie as she returned to her car. It’s not too late to save the baby, she urged. But the young mother responded that nothing could be done. The abortionist had already begun dilating her cervix so the soon-to-be dead child could pass through.

It took some convincing, but Jamie ultimately agreed to rush to the local emergency room. Racing against the clock, her new pro-life friends searched for a doctor who would agree to reverse the procedure. “I don’t think it’s ever been done in Vegas before,” First Choice Pregnancy Services Executive Director Pam Caylor said. “I don’t think they knew it could be done – and most pro-life people don’t know it could be done. But I knew it could be.” She was right. A healthy baby Claire was born this February to a very relieved mother.

I expect we’ll soon be hearing more stories like this. In fact, just this week, the Pro-Life Action League and a Chicago pregnancy resource center announced a groundbreaking partnership with a local medical office to do exactly what happened in Vegas on a routine basis. The new, streamlined process allows sidewalk counselors to give fresh hope to women who mistakenly think they’re already past the point of no return.

We’re pleased to see that what happened in Vegas isn’t staying in Vegas. As efforts like these spread across the nation, please continue praying that mothers in these crucial moments will choose life.

Bradley Mattes
President, Life Issues Institute

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