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Pro-Life Television Wins Prestigious Emmy® Award

ve8QAd   |   October 01, 2010

Facing Life Head-On is now in its fifth season, but from the very beginning it gained a reputation for compelling pro-life messages and quality production. Now the TV program has achieved national acclaim by winning a regional Emmy® Award. The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences presented Facing Life Head-On with the Emmy® statue at a black tie awards ceremony for being the “best of the best” in the category of Interview and Discussion. While accepting the award, Brad Mattes, host and executive producer, thanked his television guests for being an inspiration to their viewers. He dedicated the award to the men and women in Afghanistan and Iraq who risk their lives and sometimes die to defend the freedoms we hold dear.

Facing Life Head-On airs on various networks, giving it access to over 100 million households. Viewers are also able to watch online. Each week Brad covers topics that promote thought-provoking awareness on the life issues. He takes you inside the homes and workplaces of guests who daily demonstrate they are facing life head-on. Covering topics as diverse as adoption, disabilities, abortion, stem cell treatments, medical technologies, and end-of-life care, there’s no other program like it. Facing Life Head-On is filled with passion, personality and life, and fuses education with entertainment to promote the value of life at all stages.

The program has been credited with changing countless hearts and minds on abortion and related life issues. Many women have contacted the program to say it has greatly impacted their lives and the way they view the abortion issue. Others have contacted us to say it’s changed their minds about having an abortion or has given them the courage to choose life for their unborn babies during difficult pregnancies.

Facing Life Head-On has also created international awareness of critical, life-saving organizations and individuals that have been featured on the program. As a result of this widespread exposure, they have been able to impact many more lives.

Last year, Facing Life Head-On was the recipient of two other prestigious awards: A Telly Award which honors the best in local, regional and cable television programs, as well as the finest video and film production and work created for the Internet. Today, the Telly is one of the most sought-after awards by industry leaders, from large international firms to local production companies and ad agencies. More than 11,000 entries were received for the 30th Annual Telly Awards.

The Accolade Award of Excellence is an internationally respected award which recognizes film, television and videography professionals who demonstrate exceptional achievement in craft and creativity and those who produce standout entertainment.

Find out how you can watch Facing Life Head-On by visiting our website. You can also view a photo gallery of the Emmy® Award night, as well as watch the program that received this honor.

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