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A new death pill is on its way to America. Unveiled in Europe last year, ellaOne is classified as emergency contraception, but it works much like the abortion pill RU 486 by blocking progesterone from reaching the womb. Both drugs ultimately kill an unborn baby.

As word starts to spread, you’ll likely hear-much like we did with the Plan B Pill-that ellaOne only prevents pregnancies. But keep in mind, the official American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology definition of pregnancy is not conception (union of sperm and egg), but implantation (attachment to the mother’s womb). These precious young babies are very much alive, but drug companies are discounting their first several days of life for the sake of extra cash.

In fact, researchers behind ellaOne use the word “embryotoxic” to describe the pill-a scientific way of acknowledging that, yes, it kills babies. They also hail it as more effective than the Plan B “Morning After” Pill, and since ellaOne costs three times as much, you can bet they’re eager to push it down the throats of American women.

Here’s the real potential for the abortion industry where ellaOne is concerned. During studies on women they found out the drug can abort an existing pregnancy after implantation. This is a big step further than the abortifacient effects of emergency contraception. The goal of those promoting ellaOne is to first get it approved by the FDA for distribution by prescription, then later on, over the counter-just like they did with emergency contraception. The ultimate goal is that abortion pills will be given to everyone who asks, without a prescription.

Unfortunately, they already have a foot in the door. On June 17, an FDA committee will hold a public hearing on the drug and determine whether to allow it in the US.

Advocates of abortion want to blur the line between abortion and contraception, but there is a growing contingent of Americans who are ready to combat that lie. Please join me in sharing the truth with others that these drugs are not preventing pregnancies, but causing them to end. Together, we can show the makers of ellaOne that coming to America was not such a great idea after all.

Bradley Mattes
President, Life Issues Institute

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