New Hope for Infertility

The focus of this article contrasts sharply with the front page. Here we address the problem of the lack of conception and share a potential solution. Many oppose in-vitro fertilization in part because it almost always involves the discarding, i.e., killing of human embryos during the process. It is also very costly and much more complicated than a new system, the Conception Kit.

Available by prescription only, this FDA-cleared Kit works with normal sexual intercourse to enhance the couple’s chances of conceiving a child. It includes everything needed in a 3-month comprehensive program to help couples conceive in the privacy of their home by concentrating all available sperm where they need to be at the best time for conception to occur.

After intercourse, semen is transferred from the semen collector to a soft and flexible Conception Cap. This is inserted into the vagina and placed over the cervix. A clinical trial showed that 24% of couples became pregnant within the first month.

Dr. Willke, who has delivered many babies during his medical career, endorses the Conception Kit as an acceptable way to enhance reproduction while fully respecting innocent human life. It has also been designed to be compatible with Catholic teaching regarding conception. For more information on the Conception Kit visit:


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