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Dispelling the Myths

ve8QAd   |   February 19, 2010

Abortion at any stage is a tragedy. If you agree, then please read on.

As pro-lifers, we tend to focus much of our attention on abortion mills. And while that’s critically important, the reality is our own doctors’ offices and pharmacies provide products that quietly kill babies within hours or days after conception.

Of course this includes the notorious Plan B “Morning After” Pill, but also the IUDs, NuvaRings, and birth control pills that sit in medicine cabinets across the nation. You’ve probably seen TV commercials with big pharmaceutical companies promising their product only prevents, not ends a pregnancy. Maybe your doctor assured you that’s how it works, too. But the real question is: how do they define “pregnancy”? Is it fertilization or implantation? That’s a crucial distinction for a pro-lifer.

To help wade through this issue, my colleague, Dr. Jack Willke, and I recently published a brief comparison on birth control methods that are, in fact preventative, versus those that destroy newly-conceived lives. The article, entitled “Dispelling the Myths Behind Conception, Contraception and Abortifacient Drugs,” is available online. Please read it and pass it on so every man and woman can make a fully-informed decision.

We’ve also shared brief information, as space allowed, about the growing evidence of inherent dangers to women’s health with some forms of hormonal contraception.

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