Planned Parenthood Bailout

Despite becoming the world’s largest chain of abortion mills, even receiving $350 million of your tax dollars, Planned Parenthood is struggling. They need a bailout, and the Senate is giving it to them.

On Tuesday night, Senate leadership pushed aside the Nelson-Hatch Amendment. The bipartisan proposal would have upheld decades of tradition and policy. Health care plans supported by public dollars would not have paid for abortions – just as they don’t today and haven’t since the 1977 Hyde Amendment. Of course, women could still obtain abortions, but with their own money. Not ours.

But no, instead, the Senate is pushing legislation that not only pays for abortion-on-demand, it also rations care to American citizens and will likely force medical professionals to provide abortion services.

Planned Parenthood is thrilled. Abortions bring in more than 30 percent of their income. Picture a board room of executives, dreaming of the day they convince the government to send our money to their abortion mills. A Planned Parenthood bailout.

We can’t let it happen. So get ready to get loud.

The Senate bill needs the approval of the House before it can become law. The Obama administration will be pressuring the House to accept it with few, if any changes. However, most House members support the idea of keeping tax dollars out of the pockets of abortion mills, so the battle is not over.

The final fight will be in a conference committee, when select members of the House and Senate try to combine the two bills.

What can we do?

Contact your elected officials. Tell them you and 60 percent of other Americans don’t want our taxes to pay for abortions. Remind pro-abortion leaders that they are in the minority.

Tell your senators to support the Coburn Amendment, ensuring health care providers are not forced to perform abortions. Tell them you want Majority Leader Harry Reid, who claims to be pro-life, to take another look at the Nelson-Hatch Amendment before the bill gets finalized.

Tell your representatives to stand strong. Insist that any final legislation specifically prohibit federal funds from covering abortions.

Write a letter to the editor, post on a blog, call your local radio talk show. Be a voice that reaches around the nation, telling Congress we won’t stand for anything else but life!

Bradley Mattes
President, Life Issues Institute

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