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An Abortionist Killed

ve8QAd   |   August 01, 2009

The last abortionist who was shot and killed was Barnett Slepian in 1998. This time it was George Tiller, commonly known in pro-life circles as “Tiller the Killer.” While attending services in a liberal Lutheran Church, a single assailant shot him in the head and killed him. Not surprising, the liberal press had a field day canonizing him and painting all pro-lifers with the brush of terrorism.

In reality, the pro-life reaction was instantaneous and unanimous. All representative, legitimate pro-life groups and leaders unequivocally condemned the act. The one exception was Randall Terry, whose reaction was much more muted. It is noted that Tiller had previously attended a Missouri Synod Lutheran Church and had been excommunicated because of his abortion activities. This much more liberal Lutheran Church (ELCA) had then accepted him as a member. Note also that the Kansas Board of Healing Arts was in the midst of an investigation of his activity. Predictions were that he would be convicted of illegal late-term abortions and his license would be revoked. Had the killer not intervened, this legal removal would have been accomplished. During his “career” he had killed more than 60,000 developing babies with a significant percentage of them being healthy, late-term babies.

As a veteran who has seen four other abortionists killed over the years, your author was pleased that this time, with the one exception, there was no pro-life equivocation about immediately condemning this action. However, you would not have known that because of the outpouring of condemnation of the entire pro-life movement by the liberal press.

An investigation of the assailant found him to be a lone wolf with no connection to any pro-life group.

Previous abortionists killed include David Gunn in 1993 and John Britton in 1994, both of Pensacola, Florida. A nurse was also killed in Birmingham, Alabama in 1998.

Compare these five unfortunate deaths to 50 million babies killed during the same years. It is quite obvious that the pro-life movement is by any measure the most peaceful, loving movement in US history. Rather than pointing a critical finger at it for this (unrelated) killing, we should stand in awe at its non-violence. By ordinary human standards, considering the emotions and personal devastation caused by many abortions, it’s amazing that there haven’t been more abortionists killed.

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