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“Truth Booth” Reaching Target Audience

ve8QAd   |   July 01, 2008

Using modern-day technology and more than a little ingenuity, pro-lifers are getting their message before a prime audience – teenagers and young adults. It’s a basically simple concept called the Truth Booth. Shopping mall kiosks have been converted into pro-life educational booths which are greatly impacting they way people view unborn babies and abortion.

Flat screen TVs are set up behind Plexiglas. A repeating three-minute video is played depicting 4-D ultrasound images of unborn babies, interspersed with beautiful, full-color images of fetal life from 7 to 34 weeks. Life Issues Institute was pleased to provide the fetal images. The result is an amazingly positive and persuasive pro-life message! Brochures are available at the kiosk for additional information, including contact information for the local pregnancy help center.

A key aspect is that the Truth Booth reach a crucially important segment of society – teenagers and young adults who are often faced with an unexpected pregnancy. The message is presented in a gentle, loving way to impact their hearts and minds on abortion. To-date, there have been no problems with vandalism. The very public and usually busy environment, coupled with the way the message is presented, likely discourages angry attacks.

This remarkable idea is the brainchild of Mike and Maureen Nuzzi from Atco, NJ. They have given the project to LifeWorks Ohio to further develop and expand. The unmanned booth makes it more approachable, and mall managers are open to the positive message it brings. Once the kiosk is up and running, it is very easy to maintain. And local businesses or donors should be open to underwriting such an effective and worthwhile educational project.

For more information on the Truth Booth, and to see the actual video presentation, visit their website at Or you can contact them by mail: LifeWorks Ohio, 4429 State Road, Suite 23, Cleveland, OH 44109. Phone 216.661.6616.

[Editor’s note: Life Works address and phone number updated March 2015.]

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