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Dynamite Happenings In Kansas

ve8QAd   |   February 01, 2008

The abortion pot is boiling in Kansas and it may soon overflow. At this writing, developments continue, so let’s take a look at some of what is happening there.

For years now, the central figure on the abortion scene has been George Tiller (aka: Tiller the Killer), the late-term abortionist in Wichita. It is known that he receives referrals for very late-term abortions (third trimester) from all over the country and abroad. Such patients are housed at a nearby motel during the two days it takes to dilate their cervixes with inserted dehydrated material. All attempts to stop or limit him have been unsuccessful. Part of the reason, in the last few years, has been an aggressive effort to protect him by a strongly activist, pro-abortion governor, Kathleen Sebilius and other officials whose election campaigns Tiller has heavily financed.

Operation Rescue has maintained a sidewalk presence outside of his killing center for years.  Recently Choices Medical Clinic Inc. purchased the property next door, which has facilitated pro-life exposure to incoming clients.

Kansas state Attorney General Phill Kline had initiated action against Tiller, as well as a Planned Parenthood abortion facility. Kline was defeated in the last election by the District Attorney of Johnson County, the result being that the two men switched offices. Prior to the election switch, Paul Morrison, the county District Attorney, had publicly attacked Mr. Kline for pursuing these parties.

While Attorney General, Kline had asked how dozens of abortions could be done on girls as young as 11 or 12 without a single count of sexual assault on a child being pursued. He also charged that Planned Parenthood purposely performed illegal, late-term abortions in violation of Kansas law, unlawfully falsified documents in order to conceal this fact, and failed to comply with the required state guidelines on medical reporting. The evidence for such charges was a number of patient records from Planned Parenthood and Tiller’s operation. Several weeks before state Attorney General Kline left office, he obtained these records with personal information redacted. He then filed thirty charges against abortionist Tiller, and turned the case over to an independent prosecutor. After taking over the office of Attorney General, Paul Morrison fired the prosecutor, dismissed the charges and filed a much weaker substitute case involving nineteen misdemeanors. Kline was then appointed to Morrison’s previous position as District Attorney of Johnson County.

In his new office, Phill Kline filed one hundred and seven criminal charges against the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Overland Park, Kansas. These complaints include twenty-three felony and eighty-four misdemeanor charges relating to alleged illegal abortions performed there.

To further complicate the case, Morrison refused to call a grand jury to investigate Kline’s charges. Pro-life organizers in Kansas then used a little known legal approach. They collected enough citizen signatures to require the appointment of the grand juries. This effort was challenged but the courts okayed it, and as of this writing grand juries are hearing both of these cases.

It has recently been revealed that Attorney General Morrison had been engaged in a two-year sexual liaison with a certain Linda Carter, a former employee in the Johnson County District Attorney’s office. Ms. Carter now has filed a civil rights claim with the Federal Equal Employee Opportunity Commission alleging that Morrison had used their sexual trysting to try to obtain insider information about the criminal investigations by Kline into alleged illegal activities at both Tiller’s and Planned Parenthood’s facilities. As a result of the publicity about this lengthily sexual affair, Mr. Morrison has submitted his resignation as Attorney General of Kansas.

To attempt to summarize these multi-faceted happenings, let’s note that at the time of this writing, there are two grand jury investigations proceeding in Kansas, one against George Tiller’s late-term abortion facility, and one against the Planned Parenthood abortion mill in Overland Park, Kansas. George Tiller is the most notorious late-term abortionist in the United States. The charges against him are serious and have the potential for criminal prosecution. The best result we would hope for is that he would be put out of business.

Finally, Planned Parenthood has literally been getting away with murder, and for many years. We feel that they have probably breeched the law on both ends of the age spectrum. They have been complicit in abortions to minors without parental consent, and complicit in abortions beyond the legal age limit of the unborn baby. This is now also before a grand jury. We don’t have the answers yet, but it could be that this will have not just local or state implications, but also an impact nationwide.

Stay tuned.

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