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Expressions of Sympathy to Post-Abortive Parents

ve8QAd   |   March 27, 2007

Most, but not all, pro-abortion organizations outright reject that mothers and fathers of aborted babies emotionally suffer from their loss. Sadly, even those that do acknowledge the pain still stand behind the right to abortion. One of these groups is Exhale. A few years ago they organized an “After-Abortion Talkline” in an attempt to give their pro-abortion response to hurting women and men. The people who staff the phone lines, as well as their website, acknowledge the pain felt by these parents. Sadly, they refuse to accept that the pain is needlessly and unjustly inflicted.

Recently they announced the availability of sympathy e-mail cards to women who have experienced abortion. Soft, feminine graphics accompany messages invoking Scripture. One reads, “The promise of God is to be with us through all of life’s transitions. God will never leave you or forsake you. May you find comfort in God’s constant love. Know that my prayers are with you at this time.” On the surface, this seems like an appropriate message. However, another e-card reads, “I think you’re strong, smart, thoughtful and caring. I believe in you and your ability to make the best decision. I think you did the right thing.” (Emphasis mine.) Abortion isn’t the right thing.

In order to help a hurting mother or father begin the road to healing, they must first acknowledge the devastating wrong of abortion. The process of post-abortion healing must absolutely be done in a gentle and loving way. But to ignore the fact that abortion intentionally ends the life of his or her baby short-circuits the healing process. If abortion weren’t wrong, then why would women and men feel emotionally besieged?

Again, let me stress that we need to reach out to these hurting parents with open, loving arms, void of judgmental attitudes. Many women and men have told me that an outward act of love regarding their past abortion was a watershed moment in their road to recovery.

Based on this philosophy, I believed the e-mail cards were a good idea gone bad. As a result, I started talking with women and men who had been involved with an abortion decision. I asked them what they thought about a truly pro-life set of e-mail encouragement and sympathy cards for parents with an abortion in their past. Their collective response encouraged me to work with our staff, developing our own series. In addition, we included e-cards for fathers.

Please visit our website and check them out for yourself. When appropriate, I encourage you to send a loving message of kindness and concern to those who have experienced abortion. You can also add your own, personal words of encouragement. Simply click on the link

I urge you to share this new resource with others. It’s totally free of charge, and there are no annoying pop-up advertisements! Our goal is to provide an easy way to encourage and comfort the parents of aborted children.

In addition, I’d like to know what you think. After visiting the link, please send me your comments.

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