Back-Alley Abortions Return

Perhaps the most-used argument by pro-abortion activists is that if abortion were made illegal, deadly, back-alley abortions would return.  They’re only half right.  Deadly, back-alley abortions have returned, but they are fully legal.  I hope you haven’t just eaten.

On February 2, 2007 New Jersey health officials conducted a two-day investigation on one of the state’s largest and busiest abortion mills.  Afterward, they announced that it was shut down.  The Metropolitan Medical Associates Englewood facility has been operating since the 70’s, including doing late-term abortions up to 24 weeks.  In 1997, the New York Times reported they did 1,500 partial-birth abortions a year.  This high-volume operation is responsible for the deaths of more than 10,000 preborn babies every year.

At the time of the forced closure, we didn’t know much about the details surrounding their decision.  The investigation was the result of a complaint by Newark Beth Israel Medical Center after they treated a woman in their emergency room who was suffering from complications following an Englewood location abortion.

Health officials said the violations posed an “immediate and serious risk of harm to patients.”  One of the problems cited by the report was the way they maintained sterilized equipment.  Little did we know just how horrible the conditions were.  Then came a report that the abortion mill had failed in its initial attempt to rectify the existing problems.

Now, New Jersey health officials have released more information.  I apologize in advance for the nauseating details I’m about to share with you, but I feel you need to know the truth about so-called safe and legal abortion.

State officials found forceps encrusted in “brownish blood-like residues.”  There were rusty crochet hooks used to remove IUDs, and a quarter-inch of dark red “dirt and debris” under an exam table.  Abortion mill documents showed a particular employee had been appointed as the infection-control professional.  However, this employee knew nothing about that designation.  This is in defiance of state law.

Sterilized items that should be in closed packs until just before being used had been unsealed and left open.  These included packs of sterilized speculums, scissors, forceps and clamps.  The report found: “Two plastic open top bins of sterile forceps, speculum and gauze prep kits are stored directly on the carpeted floor next to the copier in the main office.”  In another area, surgical instruments were kept in a drawer with light bulbs.

“There was a large dark orangish-yellow stained area, dirt, debris, and syringe caps found under the operating tables in operating rooms #1, 2, 3 and 4.”  The facility failed to train cleaning personnel who only cleaned around the operating room tables a few times each week.

We also know more about the victim of the botched abortion.  Rasheedah Dinkins, 20, spent a month in a coma.  She was rushed to the hospital by ambulance after passing out at home.  She required blood transfusions and doctors removed her uterus to save her life.  Ms. Dinkins suffered a stroke due to serious blood loss and one of her lungs collapsed.  She is suing abortionists, Keith Gresham and Nicholas Kotopoulos of the Metropolitan Medical Associates.  Two other women have also come forward who said their abortions were botched at this facility.

Health officials are describing a legal abortion facility – one of the busiest in New Jersey – and they’re using descriptions like:

  • Brownish blood-like residues
  • Rusty crochet hooks
  • Quarter-inch of dark red dirt and debris
  • Large dark orangish-yellow stained area, dirt, debris under operating tables
  • Immediate and serious risk of harm to patients

These are ways anyone would describe a dangerous, back-alley abortion mill!  Sadly, reported unacceptable health conditions in abortion facilities are not that unusual.  This is perhaps the worst publicly reported to date, but how many more have deteriorated to such dangerous levels?  How many thousands of women risk their lives every day having so-called safe and legal abortions?

Women and their babies deserve better!

Bradley Mattes
President, Life Issues Institute

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