Pro-Life Judges a Top Priority

As you know, the past election was disappointing news to America’s unborn babies and their parents. Of particular concern was the Democrats’ ability to take control of the US Senate. Of course the pro-life movement isn’t Republican or Democrat. But the sobering fact is, with the Democrats in a majority, extreme, pro-abortion senators will now control critical committees

The Judiciary Committee stands between President Bush’s pro-life nominees and a full up-or-down vote by the Senate. Perhaps the President’s most lasting legacy will be the men and women he has nominated to our nation’s highest courts. Pro-abortion Democrat senators have instructed President Bush to only nominate “consensus” judges. By that they mean judges that keep the status quo of abortion-on-demand throughout pregnancy. Don’t be fooled. They don’t want judges that reflect “consensus.” They only want judges that will further their political agenda. This is an affront to a clear majority of American’s who want our nation’s unborn children protected from the abortion industry.

So what should President Bush do? I would like to echo what I’ve already read from other pro-life, pro-family leaders who have addressed this critical problem. The President should continue to nominate judges that will interpret the constitution, not legislate from the bench. Judicial restraint means that they will not invent a right to abortion in the constitution. Our founding fathers were pro-life!

This will likely result in the pro-abortion-controlled Senate obstructing or outright killing this judicial nomination. If so, the President’s response should be to send another nominee who is just as strong as the first on judicial restraint. If they block an up-or-down vote on that nominee, the President should send another and another, as long as it takes to get one through.

Eventually, the American public will grow weary of their obstructionist tactics and demand that they allow democracy to function in the Senate chambers. It’s up to the President and Republican Senate leadership to keep the pressure on these radical, pro-abortion Senators who want to dictate the makeup of the courts.

In the meantime, you should contact your senators and let them know you want their cooperation. The following link, [link outdated] accesses current senators. We’’ll update the list when information on the newly elected freshmen is available.

Bradley Mattes
President, Life Issues Institute

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