Saturday Is An Important Day

September 16th is nearly upon us. Why is this an important date? It’s when pro-life youth across the nation will be holding car washes. ALL of the proceeds will be given to local crisis pregnancy centers. It’s called WASH FOR LIFE and pro-life youth throughout America will be united as one, positive voice for life. The money raised will give women and men facing an unexpected pregnancy practical resources and help so they can choose life for their babies. Imagine how many more babies will be saved because of what’s happening on September 16.

Please go to the following link to find out if a WASH FOR LIFE event is happening in your area. If there isn’’t, it may not be too late to put one together. Their website will give you all the answers.

Be a part of Wash for Life [outdated link removed]
Find out where you can get a Car Wash [outdated link removed]

So do two things on Saturday. First, find a WASH FOR LIFE and get your vehicles cleaned. You’ll be helping protect innocent human life. Second, pray for the success of this event. The more money they raise, means more babies will be saved from abortion.

Bradley Mattes
President, Life Issues Institute

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