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Let’s Witness the Love of Christ

ve8QAd   |   June 30, 2006


You may have heard the story about Robert and Catherine Weiler. They are a pro-life couple who faced a very tough decision. They discovered their son was planning to take his pro-life beliefs to the extreme and bomb an abortion mill. Even though they love him, Robert and Catherine notified the authorities. Law enforcement apprehended the son who is now in jail. During an interview, Robert said the decision was painful but that “our concern was just to make sure nobody got hurt.”

Robert and Catherine did the right thing. Violence cannot be used to end abortion. But imagine the pain of having to turn your own child into the police. Now it’s our turn to do the right thing by giving encouragement to Robert and Catherine. You can e-mail your affirming words to help them through this low point in their lives. Please send your message to [outdated link removed]. I’ll see they get your message. Let’s witness Christ’s love to them.

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