URGENT Action Alert!

There are times when it’s crucial to contact members of Congress. This is one of them! In the wake of lobby scandals in Washington, DC, Congress is overreacting. This is really no surprise, but this time you and I will be greatly affected. Our rights to lobby Congress on crucial life-saving legislation are being trampled upon.

The Senate has passed the Levin-Lieberman Amendment to the lobbying reform bill. It will place severe and aggressive governmental restrictions on pro-life organizations or other groups that communicate with 500 or more people, when asking them to lobby members of Congress. Churches would be subject to the same, even when it wants to speak out on clear moral issues. There will be huge fines for noncompliance. This is Big Brother run amok!

This amendment equates democracy with high power lobbyists. The House will take up the bill on April 24. It’s URGENT that you contact key Senate and House leaders, as well as your own federally elected officials, as soon as possible.

Go to the this link for more details and contact links.

This is REALLY IMPORTANT! We need you to act now and also encourage others to do the same.

Bradley Mattes
President, Life Issues Institute

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