Playing Politics With the Supreme Court

I’’m writing to you from our nation’s capital in Washington, DC. Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted on Judge Samuel Alito. He was nominated by President Bush to replace Sandra Day O’Connor on the Supreme Court.

The hearings were brutal. Liberal, pro-abortion senators like Kennedy accused Judge Alito of outrageous behavior and beliefs. They tried to make the nation think he was a bigot or worse. They couldn’t have been more wrong. As you know, their outrageous accusations even forced Mrs. Alito from the room crying.

The final committee vote was not any less appalling. Even though Judge Alito proved to be on the same level as Chief Justice John Roberts; even though the American Bar Association gave him the highest rating possible; even though many politically liberal professionals and judges supported Judge Alito; the committee vote was strictly party line. In other words, all the Democrats on the committee voted AGAINST this fine man.

It all came down to abortion.

The pro-abortion Democrat senators played politics with our judicial system. They are beholding to their radical fringe special-interest groups. These pro-abortion organizations gave the pro-abortion senators their marching orders. The word came down to oppose a judge who has demonstrated outstanding qualities on the appellate court for fifteen years!

The final vote in the full Senate is coming soon. PLEASE contact both of your senators and urge them to give Judge Alito a fair up-or-down vote. Tell the Democrats to stop their delaying tactics. Ask them to SUPPORT Judge Alito to the US Supreme Court. Please act now. Who knows what pro-abortion Democrats have up their sleeves. The lives of so many unborn babies depends upon judges like Samuel Alito. Please act today.

Here is a link to contact information for your senators: US Senate Website.


Bradley Mattes
President, Life Issues Institute

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