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An Average Day for an Abortionist

ve8QAd   |   January 01, 2006

A recent Los Angeles Times interview exposed the ugly reality of the abortion industry. Times staff writer Stephanie Simon talked with a long-time abortionist William F. Harrison, who is now 70 years old. In spite of his age, he remains the presiding abortionist at a mill in Fayetteville, Arkansas, because they can’’t find anyone to replace him. It’’s gotten much harder to find medical doctors who are willing to dedicate their careers to killing preborn children.

The Times article briefly explains how Harrison got into the abortion business right after the 1973 Roe vs Wade decision. Since then, Harrison estimates he’’s killed at least 20,000 unborn babies. The aging abortionist is a walking coat-hanger advertisement, telling anyone who will listen that abortion may someday be illegal. It’’s one of the very few statements Harrison made in the article that I agree with. He knows Roe is living on borrowed time.

Abortion-on-demand throughout pregnancy is beginning to be seen for what it is—the unbridled killing of over three thousand babies each day. More people realize many women are repeat customers, using abortion as a method of birth control. They also know that many women have abortions late in pregnancy. More and more Americans are finding abortion a failed and tragic societal experiment that’s leaving a mile-wide wake of mutilated bodies and devastated lives.

This abortionist readily admits, ““I am destroying life,”” and he realizes the tide of public opinion is turning against the abortion industry. When Roe finally goes, Arkansas will be one of seven states certain to immediately protect their most tiny and vulnerable citizens.

The LA Times article describes an average day for the man who gave up his obstetrics career in 1991 to exclusively take the lives of babies. Based on his description of his job, you might think he was a Christian missionary. Harrison says that because of his abortion business, his patients are “born again.” He also said, “”We try to make sure she doesn’’t ever feel guilty for what she feels she has to do.”” Tell that to the millions of mothers and fathers of aborted babies who would give their right arm and leg if they could have that innocent life back again. Abortion didn’’t just make them un-pregnant; it made them the parents of a dead baby. Harrison isn’’t preventing guilt; he’’s responsible for generating massive amounts of it.

Back at the killing center, a young girl is in the stirrups and rendered immobile, her arms strapped down. Perhaps he’’s afraid she’’ll change her mind and flee. A sedative is used that will make sure she doesn’’t remember any of the “procedure.” Twenty minutes later, her baby is dead and its tiny body coldly disposed of.

Another patient, a high school volleyball player, doesn’’t want to share her body with a baby for six more months.

Yet another, a single mother of three, couldn’’t bear the thought of making an adoption plan for her baby, so killing it seemed to be a better solution. Her emotional defense is to hide behind a wall of denial and not contemplate “what could have been.” Eventually the memories and emotions will catch up with her.

The abortionist draws a moral line at 26 weeks, after which he calls it infanticide. But until then, he’’ll abort the baby for any reason. He said, ““It’’s not a baby to me until the mother tells me it’’s a baby.””

One young woman was aborting her 15-week baby without the baby’’s father even knowing she was pregnant. Amanda said, “”It’’s not like it’’s illegal. It’’s not like I’’m doing anything wrong.”” She went on to say that her recent prayers about the abortion have been a “real source of strength” for her. The real tragedy here is that if she thinks God is encouraging her abortion, it’s not God’’s voice she’’s listening to.

One woman in her early twenties said she never thought about using birth control, instead relying on abortion. Her wedding was coming up and she didn’’t think her dress would fit while pregnant, so she aborted her child. Over half of the 1.2 million annual abortions are done on women in their twenties.

The last patient of the day was in her early thirties and coming in for her fifth abortion. She keeps forgetting to take her birth control pills. She said abortion was “no big stress.” Not yet anyway.

According to the abortionist, his appointment book is always full. It’’s no wonder. America is aborting one out of every four pregnancies. Stop to think for a moment that every year the abortion industry is killing 25 percent of the nation’’s population. Imagine the long-term societal and economic implications of this wide scale killing of innocent human life!

What’’s happening in this Arkansas abortion mill is being duplicated throughout the nation. Do you realize the magnitude of this tragedy? If so, then please pray and do what you can to end this modern day holocaust.

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