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Considering all that’s been written and said lately about Harriet Miers and President Bush, you may be wondering whether Miss Miers was a good selection for the Supreme Court.

Some of our conservative, pro-life friends have aggressively criticized both President Bush and Harriet Miers for her nomination. Many have said they felt “betrayed.”

Here’s a very important consideration in the debate over the Harriet Miers nomination. George W. Bush is a solid pro-life president. He has demonstrated a passion for the well being of millions of unborn babies during his presidency. I know that the 3,200 daily deaths of preborn children haunt him as much as they do you and me. President Bush grieves the loss of their lives, as well as the emotional devastation abortion inflicts on the parents of these babies. He shares our heart on the abortion issue and fully understands the critical role he plays in ending this modern-day holocaust.

President Bush has rightly earned the trust of America’s pro-lifers.

Tens of thousands of pro-lifers diligently worked to reelect President Bush, knowing the next president would likely fill multiple Supreme Court vacancies. Are we now willing to say we don’t trust him to fill these positions?

Look at the many excellent court appointments President Bush has already made. They include solid pro-life individuals like: Janice Rodgers Brown, Edith Clement, Priscilla Owen, Charles Pickering and William Pryor.

Further, the President has reappointed many of these sterling people in the face of an obstructionist minority of senators. And he has demonstrated that he is willing to pursue the constitutional option, also known as the “nuclear” option, to confirm them on the courts.

History is working against President Bush because some of his Republican predecessors have appointed pro-abortion justices to the Supreme Court. We believe President Bush has wisely learned from their past mistakes and is steadfast in his understanding of how the Supreme Court impacts each and every one of us, including generations to come.

One advocate for Harriet Miers said conservatives and pro-lifers should “connect the dots” to get a complete picture of what this nomination means to our nation. We at Life Issues Institute believe this is sound advice. We believe the bigger picture shows Harriet Miers to be a solid, pro-life vote on the Supreme Court.

I’’ll keep you posted as this situation develops.

Bradley Mattes
President, Life Issues Institute

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