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Life Issues Institute’s Position on Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court

ve8QAd   |   October 05, 2005

Much has been written on and speculated about Harriet Miers, President Bush’s nominee to replace Sandra Day O’Connor on the Supreme Court. Many pro-lifers have expressed disappointment, while some pro-abortion Senators have indicated support.

There is not enough information on Ms. Miers to confidently say that she will vote to correct Roe v. Wade. However, there are several indications that make us cautiously optimistic. Allow me to share them with you, and then you can make up your own mind.

President Bush is without question pro-life. Nearly all of his court appointments to date have been excellent. Evidence is good that Chief Justice John Roberts will perform admirably on the Supreme Court. President Bush has earned a high level of trust and respect from the pro-life community. I believe his heart is with us on abortion.

Those who know Harriet Miers depict her as a devout evangelical Christian, active in her church. A person’s religious beliefs are the foundation of his or her actions. Ms. Miers is obviously a strong person. She was the first woman president of a major law firm and the first woman president of the Texas Bar Association. Thus her convictions, whatever they may be, are likely strong.

As President of the Texas Bar Association, Ms. Miers was the chief sponsor of a resolution to change the pro-abortion position of the American Bar Association to one of neutrality. While her efforts failed, she made an impressive attempt.

Harriet Miers has on various occasions attended, and made a donation to, a fund raising banquet for Texans for Life, a pro-life organization.

Ms. Miers’ statements and efforts as White House Council clearly indicate she has a philosophy of judicial restraint. This makes it more unlikely that she would support Roe v. Wade. We do not expect her to be a judicial activist. In her acceptance speech with the President, Ms. Miers said, “It is the responsibility of every generation to be true to the founders’ vision of the proper role of the courts and our society.”

It appeared that she was on pro-abortion Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid’s, suggested list for replacing O’Connor. This may rightly give some cause for pause. Further, Senator Reid has made positive remarks about Ms. Miers. It is also true that Harriet Miers gave $1,000 to presidential primary candidate Al Gore in 1988.

Pro-lifers painfully remember that pro-life Republican presidents nominated pro-abortion Justices O’Connor, Souter and Kennedy to the Court. And since the Supreme Court is our most viable option to ending the modern-day holocaust of abortion, we can ill-afford another tragic mistake. Ultimately, we will only be certain of Ms. Miers’ legal position on abortion after she has been confirmed and rules on an abortion-related case.

In the final analysis, after reviewing all of the known facts, Life Issues Institute feels the odds of her opposing Roe are seemingly to our advantage. That is why we are cautiously optimistic she is the right pick for the Court. Obviously, you will have to make up your own mind.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and bring you important facts as they develop. Please continue to pray for President Bush, Harriet Miers, the Supreme Court and our nation. Please pray that God will end abortion in America.

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