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ve8QAd   |   October 01, 2004

Later this fall the Rosetta Foundation will launch an all-new, pro-life website specifically designed to reach Generation Y. is geared to develop and solidify pro-life values during that crucial time period between the ages of ten and twenty when values and behavior are established in the still developing teenage brain.

At 60 million strong (compared to only 17 million Generation X) and highly receptive to the pro-life message, Generation Y is our best shot yet at actually changing the culture on the abortion issue.

Consider these facts:

  • Currently, when teens do a keyword search on “abortion,” there are very few “teen” websites appearing on that all-important first page of sites on either the Google or Yahoo search engines.
  • Google and Yahoo (Overture) are the largest search engines in the world, feeding other search engines as well, and will produce over ten million sites on the keyword “abortion.”
  • Teens will choose a site with “teen” in the name before other sites that are presented.
  • The Rosetta Foundation is committed to out-bidding the abortion sites and clinics to have appear in the first, second, or third spot for the “abortion” keyword. will fill this void!

There is almost no other pro-life group in the country specifically targeting these teens at this level on their medium of choice — the Internet. Based upon extensive research and experience with a prototype teen website, will provide easy navigation for all the life issues affecting teens.

Whether searching for “abortion” for a school research paper or to end a pregnancy, they will be immediately presented with abortion sections providing information in a non-technical language, such as:

  • Girls who aborted —
    True personal stories by other girls.
  • What is abortion? —
    Descriptions of abortion procedures and abortion photos, if they choose to view them.
  • Abortion docs speak —
    Testimonies by Dr. Nathanson and other abortionists who quit and now speak out.
  • Abortion complications/girls —
    Information on both immediate and long-term physical and mental complications.
  • Abortion complications/guys
    Information on the little talked about short and long-term impact on the fathers of aborted children.
  • Abortion survivors —
    Testimonies of survivors of abortion attempts, survivors whose twins were aborted, and survivors whose siblings were aborted.

Other equally comprehensive sections are titled Pregnancy, Adoption, Hooking Up (this is where we cover abstinence), Confidence, and Thoughts.

Pregnancy covers everything from “Life B-4 Birth” to personal stories of girls who parented, girls who adopted, and girls who aborted, as well as a section of “Might be Pregnant?” and a “Pregnant? Need Help?” cyberconnection to the pregnancy center network The “Life B-4 Birth” section covers fetology from conception to birth with pictures, but is written as your life began…, you grew…, etc., with a heavy emphasis on the uniqueness of your life to personalize the baby before birth.

Adoption is another important section, as research has shown how very little teens know about it. They have almost no knowledge and even a fear of adoption, resulting in adoption not being an option in their minds in a teen pregnancy. There will be inspiring stories of birth mothers, adoptive parents, and adoptees, as well as facts and information on the adoption process, ending with a section called “Right for me?”

Hooking Up is part of the new language for teen relationships and will cover relationship problems, peer pressure, and sex — yes/no. Research and experience has shown that before abortion and pregnancy comes the initial problem of teen sexual activity, which must be addressed. It is the precursor of most all future problems — resulting in low self-esteem, depression, and the destructive behaviors of drug and alcohol abuse, self-cutting, eating disorders, etc.

Confidence will be devoted to building self-esteem and confidence through inspiring and courageous stories, encouragement, problem solving, and help hotlines.

Thoughts is the interactive section for submitting personal stories, comments, suggestions, poems, etc.

As the website is now in the building process, anyone with teens wishing to submit stories, poems, etc., may do so at This website will be launched as soon as content and design are completed this fall. We’’ll keep you posted!

[Editor’s note: has been launched.]

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