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Registering Voters Critical for Fall Election

ve8QAd   |   July 01, 2004

Do you think most pro-life voters are registered and ready to go to the polls this November? If so, you are sadly mistaken. Recent research of America’s pro-life, pro-family organizations shows that a vast percentage of their memberships are not registered to vote. This has come as a shock to leaders of these organizations. After all, the members of these groups should be more politically informed and activist-oriented, right? That may be the case, but, even so, we’ve uncovered an alarming trend. Many of these people who are vital to protecting unborn babies and their mothers from abortion are not registered to vote. A crucial part of stopping abortion is voting pro-life.

Life Issues Institute is partnering with many other pro-life, pro-family organizations to register hundreds of thousands of voters before the November election. We need your help if we are to be successful. Please be a part of awakening thousands of Americans to vote. So much is at stake in the next election. Their participation will affect the race for the White House, their local state legislator and everything in between. But now is the time to act! Our collective efforts can bear fruit. If so, the outcome will have life-saving results.

If you represent a pro-life or pro-family organization, compare your membership list with those who are registered to vote. Make every effort to register those who are not. Then, before the election, encourage everyone to vote.

If your group has a web site, consider linking to ours at so those visiting your web site can register to vote online, regardless of where they live. We’’ve made it easy. The last page of this newsletter showcases two ad slicks you can download for free or we can send them to you by mail. They’’re also perfect for including in your newsletter or church bulletin and will not jeopardize the tax status of any organization or church.

You can help, even if you’’re not associated with an organization. Encourage your church to participate in a voter registration drive. Life Issues Institute will be happy to provide assistance if needed. Based on this alarming new evidence, there must be an all-out effort to register voters.

Certainly, you recall how close the presidential election was four years ago. Pro-abortion forces are angry and highly motivated to win this time. The future of countless unborn babies is in our hands. We must act now to secure the lives of future generations.

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