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The Truth is More Ghastly Than Fiction

ve8QAd   |   February 01, 2004

Political rhetoric on the presidential campaign trail is heating up. Now that we’’re into the Democratic caucus and primary season, verbal vitriol is accelerating. It’’s easy to find yourself waist-deep in campaign rhetoric, so let’’s cut through the chase and examine some of the candidates’’ (past and present) positions on innocent human life.

Howard Dean, a physician and the former governor of Vermont, had been considered the Democrat frontrunner. He is joined at the hip to the abortion industry’’s hard-core pro-abortion philosophy. While an intern, Dean worked at Planned Parenthood, even though the rotation was not required for his medical training. Before becoming governor, he served on the board of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England for five years.

The following may tell us much about Howard Dean the man. During a speech to NARAL, he relayed a previous experience as a doctor. A pregnant 12-year-old girl came into his office. After a consultation, he determined the girl’’s father had impregnated her. He touted this example to his radical, pro-abortion audience as a reason to oppose parental notification.

Most people would take great exception to Dean using this example. At the time he spoke to the NARAL attendees, he knew that the girl’’s father was not responsible for the pregnancy and that someone else had been convicted. Dean admitted this blatant misrepresentation to Tim Russert on MSNBC’’s Meet the Press. In another interview, he admitted failing to report the incident to authorities, even though Vermont state law required that he do so. If this president thing doesn’’t work out, Howard Dean can be inducted into the Pete Rose Honesty Hall of Fame.

As governor, Dean proposed universal health care that included $5 abortions for everyone. During his administration, Vermont had one of the highest abortion rates in the nation.

Now Dean has his sights set on the Bible belt. Reporters have called his campaign one of the most “aggressively secular” in recent history. To counter this, he’’s announced plans to begin talking down South about his faith. Recently, Dean began a conversation with reporters this way: “”If you know much about the Bible, which I do . . . ,”” so a reporter asked him which New Testament book was his favorite. Dean responded that Job was. Of course Job is in the Old Testament.

Wesley Clark is a retired army general. Sadly, his patriotism doesn’’t extend to America’’s most vulnerable segment of society, innocent unborn babies. On the contrary, Clark supports abortion until birth. When asked when life begins, he said, “”Life begins with the mother’’s decision. Until the moment of birth, the government has no right to influence a mother’’s decision on whether to have an abortion.””

Clark believes that society should ignore medical science and allow women having abortions to choose when life begins and when it should be protected. This is an extremely radical, pro-abortion position. Further, any federal court appointment would have to pass an unyielding, pro-abortion litmus test. Clark said, “”I’’m not going to be appointing judges who are pro-life.””

In addition, he castigated pro-life President Bush, saying that the Commander in Chief doesn’’t share his values on abortion. Still, Clark isn’’t concerned that his callous position will diminish his chances for election, claiming his values are “American values.”

Senator Joe Lieberman wouldn’’t waste a minute as president before kowtowing to the abortion crowd. He proudly announced, ““The day I walk into the Oval Office, the first thing I’’m going to do is rescind the Bush administration restrictions on [embryonic] stem-cell research.”” Lieberman described the President’’s regulation protecting human embryos from death by experimentation as “cruel.” Cruel for whom? Certainly not the millions of babies who would die.

Word on the street has it that arrest warrants have been issued for current congressmen Dick Gephardt from Missouri and Dennis Kucinich of Ohio. They are wanted on suspicion of “Political Prostitution.” Prior to running for president, both politicians had solid pro-life voting records in Congress. They have since abandoned unborn babies and their mothers and embraced a rabid pro-abortion philosophy. It seems they have sold their souls for a chance (iffy at best) at the political golden ring.

Every Democratic presidential candidate, including John Edwards, supports abortion-on-demand. John Kerry is supported by Ted Kennedy. Enough said. Somewhere along their political careers, all have made a calculated decision to worship at the altar of the abortion industry. There are millions of pro-life Democrats in America. It is unrealistic to believe they will hold their noses and vote for a candidate that represents their own party, but has so little regard for innocent human life.

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