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Breaking News: Abby Johnson is “Hero at Heart” Award Recipient

ve8QAd   |   November 13, 2000

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Abby Johnson Named “Hero at Heart” Award Recipient

Life Issues Institute is pleased to announce this year’s recipient of our prestigious Hero at Heart Award. The honor has been given to Abby Johnson, former director of a Texas Planned Parenthood abortion facility. The Hero at Heart Award recognizes select individuals who demonstrate outstanding courage or compassion on behalf of innocent human life. Abby Johnson has clearly demonstrated pro-life courage. Immersed in a pro-abortion environment, Abby was assisting with an abortion procedure via ultrasound. Faced with the reality that abortion kills an unborn baby, Abby had the courage to reject pro-abortion rhetoric, resign from her job and publicly take a stand on behalf of women and their unborn babies.

“The timing of this award is particularly meaningful,” said Bradley Mattes, Executive Director of Life Issues institute. “This week marks the first anniversary of Abby’s conversion to being pro-life. Abby was in the lion’s den, but had the courage to speak truth to evil. Since then she’s been a marvelous and effective spokesperson for the pro-life movement. I’m very proud to present this award to her.”

Due to Abby’s heavy travel schedule, in order to present the award at the time of her first anniversary, Mr. Mattes caught up with her by phone on the road. The award will be physically presented to Abby later this month.

Abby Johnson’s compelling story was told on Life Issues Institute’s Emmy® Award winning television program, Facing Life Head-On. Watch this two-part episode in its entirety at:

  • Insider Exposes Planned Parenthood: Part One
  • and

  • Insider Exposes Planned Parenthood: Part Two
  • 10/06/10

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