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4D Ultrasound Overview & Video

ve8QAd   |   November 13, 2000

3d-ultrasound-27-weeks-3-days4D means “four-dimensional,” the fourth dimension being time. 4D is the latest ultrasound technology, using three-dimensional still images and adding the element of time. The result: live action images of your unborn child.

As with all ultrasound systems, 4D ultrasounds can aid in research to:

  • Determine the age of the baby
  • Analyze development of the baby
  • Evaluate multiple pregnancies
  • Detect structural problem with uterus
  • Detect placental abnormalities
  • Detect abnormal bleeding
  • Determine ectopic pregnancy
  • Detect ovarian tumor/fibroids
  • Locate the placenta

View 4D ultrasounds at 11 weeks | 25 weeks | 27 weeks | 33 weeks

Listen to a baby’s heartbeat at 6 weeks!

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