A Positive Pro-Life Message to Millions

Would you like to get a positive, pro-life message to millions of drivers each day in your state? Florida is well on its way with a special edition of a license plate that reads “Choose Life.” The bright yellow plate includes a crayon drawing of a boy and girl.

To get the plate, Florida residents will pay an extra $22.00 upon registration, of which $20.00 goes to the county where the tag is purchased. The money is given to any not-for-profit, nongovernmental agency not involved with abortion. These organizations must offer their services free to pay the expenses of any woman with an unexpected pregnancy. The funds will help cover adoption expenses.

Florida currently makes 40 such specialty plates available, which promote interests like universities, sports teams, the arts, veterans, environmental interests and scouting. They have raised from $1,725 to over $2 million to date for special-interest groups.

An organization called Choose Life, Inc. was founded to promote the idea in Florida. A bill was introduced in the state legislature, which received bipartisan support and was passed by a large margin. Pro-life Governor Jeb Bush then signed the legislation into law.

Radical pro-abortion activists filed a lawsuit against the state to stop the plate. Two suits were filed – one on the federal level, the other on the state level. The federal suit was dismissed. The state of Florida and pro-life advocates are optimistic that the second suit will also be dismissed. The plates have already been produced and are waiting to be used.

Choose Life, Inc. will make their design, experience and information available to anyone who requests it, free of charge. For more information please contact Russ Amerling, Choose Life, Inc., PO Box 830152, Ocala, FL 34483. Phone (352) 624-2854. Fax (352) 624-2978. Or visit their web site at www.choose-life.org.

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