Alexander Fleming and Winston Churchill

“Life Issues” is a daily five-minute radio commentary hosted by Dr. Willke. The program is available to radio stations on CD and satellite. His voice is heard on nearly 1,000 outlets throughout the nation, in addition to various localities throughout the world. Below is a transcript of one of his programs that generated quite a bit of mail.

I heard a story the other day that I thought was fascinating. It’s not about abortion, but it is about saving lives, and I thought you’d really enjoy hearing it.

The story begins in rural Iowa, back before World War I. It seems that there was a farm boy working the field who heard some shouting and a cry for help. He quickly ran across the field, jumped the fence into the next property which contained a small lake. There, in the lake, struggling and apparently drowning, was a young man – there were bystanders, but they were apparently unable to rescue him.

The farm lad dove in and rescued the young man. As it turned out, he was visiting from London. The two of them exchanged names, thanks, good wishes and they parted.

Not too many years later the young man from London again visited America and made it a point to go back to that same area. He sought out the farm lad, found him and again thanked him for saving his life – and they spent some time together chatting and sharing each other’s lives and hopes. As it turned out, the farm boy shared with his London friend his deep desire to become a physician, but also acknowledged the fact that his parents were much too poor to ever allow him to realize that dream.

Well, not too long after that he got a letter back from his friend in London who had arranged for that exact thing to happen. It was through the efforts of his London friend that this young lad went to London and was enrolled in a prestigious medical school.

As it turned out, he became a very important physician, for right in the middle of World War II, this man discovered penicillin. His name was Alexander Fleming. Then, in the last year of the war, in 1945, Dr. Fleming suddenly received an urgent request from the British High Command. It seemed that there was a patient in Yalta who had come down with a serious infection. And Dr. Fleming was asked to go there with one of his very first, very precious vials of penicillin to see whether he might not be able to save this man’s life.

You recall your history; Yalta was that famous conference at the end of World War II. It was there that Roosevelt, Stalin, Churchill and others laid plans for Europe after the war was over. Well, Dr. Fleming was flown there in a military aircraft. He brought his penicillin, used it to treat the patient and did save his life.

But I haven’t yet told you the entire story. For while the farm lad became Alexander Fleming, who discovered penicillin, the young man from London, whose life he saved once in Iowa, was also the same person whose life he saved again in Yalta, his name was Winston Churchill.

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