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A Message From Chris Smith to Bill Clinton

ve8QAd   |   April 01, 1997

Congressman Chris Smith (R)NJ, wrote this open letter to President Bill Clinton and read it at the March for Life on January 22.

“A generation of kids–both here and abroad–are at risk because of you. For four long years you have waged a relentless war on defenseless unborn children–and millions have been butchered on your watch. Only a determined bipartisan majority in Congress checked your obsession with promoting abortion.

“You tried, Mr. President, to compel taxpayers to pay for and expand abortion on demand as part of your ill-fated national health care bill. You’’ve tried to repeal the Hyde Amendment. Failing that, you sought to weaken it. By pushing the so-called Freedom of Choice Act, you tried to repeal modest state laws that require waiting periods and informed consent.

“You, Mr. President, have authorized the use of human embryos as “guinea pigs” in scientific experiments. You’ve made felons out of peaceful and sincere pro-lifers who pray outside abortion clinics and engage in non-violent civil disobedience–a staple of the civil rights movement. You’ve greased the skids at the FDA for a new baby poison – RU 486. The French abortion pill doesn’t heal or eradicate disease–it kills infants.

“And you, Mr. President, have pushed an international right to abortion, both overtly and covertly, at UN conferences and as a key component of US foreign policy. You’ve demanded that taxpayers provide hundreds of millions of dollars each year to the death peddlers overseas like Planned Parenthood, who undermine and seek the repeal of pro-life laws in other countries. Your Administration demands that countries accept population control policies before they are given desperately needed food and medicines.

“Your nominations to your cabinet and the courts, including the Supreme Court, have all been litmus-tested pro-abortionists.

“And last year, you vetoed the partial-birth abortion ban using bogus science and deceitful logic. As things stand today, you are the Abortion President–and unless you change course, your legacy will be Bill Clinton, Abortion President.

“Mr. President, the Scripture admonishes us to pray for those in authority, and we will be faithful to that. While we pray and sincerely hope that you and Mr. Gore will have a change of heart, be certain of this: Out of love and compassion for the disenfranchised and the weak, pro-life Americans will bear the burden of this struggle until we re-establish the right to life.

“Safeguarding children and their mothers from the cruelty of abortion is the human rights cause of our time. Pro-lifers, Mr. President, will never give in, never retreat, and pro-life Americans will never cease in our striving to protect innocent human life.”

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