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“Life Jewels” a New Tool in Pro-Life Education

ve8QAd   |   January 01, 1997

Since 1984, hundreds of Christian radio stations (and a few secular ones) have been airing Dr. Willke’s five-minute daily commentary. For 12 years Dr. Willke has informed and educated hundreds of millions of listeners to the reality and after-effects of abortion. As a result, people are changing the way they view abortion in our society today.

In the wake of advanced technology and trends in radio broadcasting, Life Issues Institute saw the need to offer to stations a pro-life message in a briefer format. While talking with many station owners and managers, we found that some broadcasters needed the added flexibility to air a sixty-second message. In addition, we realized that there were those local right-to-life chapters who had better success raising money and securing sixty seconds of air time versus a four-and-a-half-minute program to educate their community.

To facilitate these needs, Life Issues Institute developed Life Jewels, 58 sixty-second spots recorded onto a compact disc. The topics range from fetal development to euthanasia. In addition, special spots were recorded for major holidays, making this CD truly a year-round educational tool.

Nearly 1,000 CDs were sent to Christian radio stations, free of charge, and the response from the radio broadcasting industry has been overwhelmingly positive. Life Jewels has filled a need of sound educational information where there has previously been none. The CD format is very user friendly, and as a result, station personnel are airing the spots multiple times each day, educating a new audience every time.

The results clearly demonstrate that this program has truly been an educational success. Life Jewels has more than doubled the number of communities that now hear Dr. Willke’s pro-life message, and the total continues to climb. It has also proved to be the most economical way to disseminate educational information. For just 21 cents a day — less than the cost of a postage stamp — a pro-life message can be aired, multiple times a day, in a community.

In addition to the spots, the CD has a sample of Life Issues, Dr. Willke’s regular 4 1/2-minute program. Several stations, acknowledging the benefit of a longer program, have begun to air the longer version for the first time.

Available in Spanish.

Life Issues Institute is also pleased to announce that Life Jewels is now also available in Spanish. Joyas de la Vida will be made available to Spanish-speaking radio stations throughout the United States. In addition, it will be aired in various parts of the world where Spanish-speaking populations reside, such as: Spain, Puerto Rico, Central and South America and Mexico.

If you are aware of a radio station willing to air Life Jewels or Joyas de la Vida please contact our office. We will assist you in bringing a quality pro-life message to your community — helping to save the lives of unborn babies and spare their mothers the often devastating aftermath of abortion.

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