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The Class of ’96

ve8QAd   |   June 01, 1996

Graduations have come and gone. This year’s high school grads are the lucky ones. They were chosen to survive. One-third of their should-have-been classmates didn’t. If we had had the opportunity to address this class, we would have said:

“To the graduating class of 1996 — Congratulations on your graduation and condolences to your classmates who did not make it. Over three million of you were born in 1978, but 1,500,000 of your Class of ’96 were aborted in that same year. We might call this the massacre of 1978.

“At today’s commencement exercise, look around. Next to every second of your classmates should be a third person waiting for a diploma. But every third member of your Class of ’96 did not make it, and you are the survivors. Your class is part of the aborted generation.

“Because of your unnaturally smaller numbers, you will have to work harder to provide health care, retirement benefits, military service, Social Security and other benefits we expect in our society, and to provide these benefits for those very adults who have destroyed one-third of your Class of ’96.

“The year you were born in ’78, the US national debt was about 6 trillion dollars. Today it is over 35 trillion.

“When you were born, there were four taxpaying adults paying Social Security taxes to support one retired person. Today it’s closer to three. If the present abortion rate continues, by the time you expect to retire, it will be about 1 1/2, which means that there will be no Social Security for you.

“Because of your unnaturally smaller numbers, you will have to work harder to compensate for the taxes that would have been paid by your aborted peers who should be graduating with you, and soon becoming workers. Over your working adult lifetime, as you can see, this will be billions of dollars more than what you would have had to pay had your classmates been allowed to live. You will miss these 1,500,000 potential coworkers who were killed.

“You are not to be faulted if you were to tell those responsible to have themselves and their own children serve first in the military, to pay their own Social Security, to pay their own health care. You are not to be faulted if you tell those adults who aborted 1/3 of your class that they have lost all rights to the fruits of the toil of the remainder of the Class of ’96.
“But to do that would be even more detrimental. In spite of what happened to your class, we hope you will not be bitter, but instead will re-establish the American, God-centered Declaration of life, then liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as priorities in your life, and in that order. Congratulations on your present achievements. Push on to more success. And, above all, Have Your Children. Love them. Protect them.”

Thanks to Sam Nigro MD for these thoughts.

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