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Education is the foundation of the pro-life movement. As our adversaries’ campaign off the back of lies, we counter with the truth. In this week’s Straight Talk on Life Issues Brad and Victor discuss with experts Carrie Abbott and Dana Weilbacher the impact that pro-life education has. Join us as we continue to change the hearts and minds of millions of people with the power of pro-life education!  


At The Legacy Institute, our goal is to be catalysts of cultural change. Our mission, our vision and our statement of faith all point to the truth that our sexuality is more than just a physical act but rather the core of who we are as human beings. When we see our sexuality this way, we begin to think differently and to live differently. We see order and design in our bodies, our relationships and our families and we are inspired and empowered to make decisions that bring life, love and legacy to our world.

Life on Wheels

We use the power of ultrasound to serve women, save babies, & share Jesus. We envision an abortion-free Alabama because nobody wants one.

Unveiling the Truth Behind Chemical Abortion

Much has been said about the Food and Drug Administration’s 2000 approval of mifepristone, known as chemical abortion.

In his ruling, District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk said the FDA’s decision is “based on plainly unsound reasoning and studies that did not support its conclusions.” (emphasis added)

Our team has taken a closer look at the studies the FDA relied upon in its political quest to conclude that chemical abortion was both safe and effective.

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Planned Parenthood Minority Targeting Goes Into Overdrive

Congress has an unprecedented opportunity to defund Planned Parenthood and to rein in this abortion behemoth. Humanitarian advocates have criticized taxpayer funding of a corporation who purposefully kills innocent pre-born humans and benefits financially from doing so.

Indeed, Planned Parenthood has shown its apparent willingness to profit from aborted baby parts, its promotion of abortion to teens, its concealment of sexual abuses, and its strong resistance to any abortion industry reforms that would ensure the safety of women.

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Carrie Abbott As a founder and President of The Legacy Institute, Carrie Abbott is the lead educator and go-to expert at the Legacy Institute. With 35 years of teaching, Carrie is a tremendously popular national speaker, author and radio show host. She has spoken to people across the nation, in venues as diverse as: state legislatures, churches, universities, youth events, medical associations, conferences, banquets, broadcast radio & TV, and she is featured in several video series. Carrie has been hosting a daily radio show since 2011, and currently hosts a daily 1 hour radio show called The Carrie Abbott Show. 

Dana Weilbacher  is the Medical Services Manager of Life on Wheels. Dana manages all medical operations of the mobile medical clinics as well as serving as the primary sonographer. Dana has spent the last 30 years scanning in crisis pregnancy centers, and before moving to Alabama, Dana was a part of one of the pioneer mobile ultrasound clinics in Texas. Dana and her husband Dave have one daughter and attend Centerpoint Fellowship in Prattville. 

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