The Enduring Strength of a Father’s Love
Straight Talk on Life Issues


Fathers play an essential role in the lives of their children and spouses. This week in honor of Father’s Day Timothy Hall and Tim Challies join Brad and Victor to discuss the tremendous importance of fatherhood. Both fathers speak from the perspective of someone who has lost a child and share how they have used their experience to fight for life and encourage other men.



Helping Men, Women, and Families recover after abortion.

Abortion has a deep ripple effect. You may have chosen abortion personally, lost a child to abortion, or your life has been profoundly affected by abortion. SaveOne can help you through the healing process.

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Fathers in the Mix

There are many factors affecting a woman’s decision whether or not to have an abortion. One of the most underestimated and underused tools to save unborn babies is the child’s father.

During the Forty Days for Life’s Lenten campaign, a real-life situation unfolded at a Bloomington, Indiana abortion facility that serves as an excellent case in point.

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Fatherhood Changes Men’s Brains

Relatively new research utilizing MRIs has established that pregnancy physically alters a woman’s brain.

What about the dads? Does fatherhood have a physical impact on a man’s brain? The research will surprise you.

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The Anguish of Forgotten Fathers

Americans love to celebrate Father’s Day. We delight in honoring those men who by the Creator’s design are fulfilling their call to provide for and protect their families.

In the midst of our celebrations let us remember the anguish of the Forgotten Fathers.

Research on men involved with an abortion decision revealed that eight percent are seriously adversely impacted by the event. This means that nearly five million men are “walking wounded” struggling emotionally to get through each day.

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Timothy Hall was raised in a Christian home, 4th generation Christian family. Timothy is an entrepreneur, singer, songwriter, and international speaker. Most importantly, he and Kristy have been married for 22 years, they have 5 sons who follow the Lord. In 2001, he was the first man to go through the SaveOne program, a healing course for men who’ve lost a child to abortion. He found forgiveness, freedom from guilt and shame, and freedom from pornography. God put a strong call in his life to use his testimony to help others. 

Tim Challies is a Christian, a husband to Aileen and a father of two girls in their teens and one son who waits for him in heaven. He worships and serves as a pastor at Grace Fellowship Church in Toronto, Ontario. He is a book reviewer, co-founder of Cruciform Press, and has written several books including The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment, The Next Story, Visual Theology and Do More Better. He writes daily at 

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