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Around the world children are being exploited and it is our duty to protect them. Join Brad and Victor as well as expert guests Katie Fetzer and Jen Guthrie to learn what you can do to protect these children. Trusted, safe adults need to know the warning signs and what to do to ensure that they prevent child exploitation. Join us for this critical conversation on Straight Talk on Life Issues.  


Exodus Cry is committed to abolishing sex trafficking and breaking the cycle of commercial sexual exploitation while assisting and empowering its victims.

Trafficking is one component of a much larger system of violenceexploitation, and gender inequality known as the commercial sex industry. Our strategies are designed to assist, empower, and help bring freedom to those who have been victimized, while also fighting to uproot the larger system of injustice and exploitation that made it possible.

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We collaborate, educate and train.

Empower The Fight is a grassroots anti-exploitation organization that focuses on prevention and early intervention of child exploitation through citizen education.

Our mission to empower adults to prevent and stop child exploitation is accomplished through our three core service programs that collaborate, educate, and train America’s citizens to be on the frontlines of defense for children.


Jennifer Guthrie has always been a voice for the unborn and an advocate for protecting them through public policy. In 2022, Jennifer worked on the Value Them Both campaign. The campaign was an effort to retain existing limits on abortion in the state of Kansas through a State constitutional amendment. Sadly, it did not pass.  

 Jennifer has also witnessed exploitation of the most vulnerable firsthand while on mission trips to South Africa and Thailand. These experiences developed a deep passion for exploited women and children. These life-changing trips led her to help Exodus Cry, an anti-trafficking 501c3, with donor relations and fundraising.  

Katie Fetzer is a professional child advocate, thought-provoking speaker, entrepreneur, and mom. Katie’s fight for exploited children started in the trenches of America’s frontlines of child rescue and advocacy. Her deeply rooted faith in the Justice of God has allowed her to engage in this critical work. As a former court appointed advocate and an adoptive mom of rescued, exploited children, Katie daily lives with the long-term effects of child exploitation. Which fuels her passion for prevention strategies

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