Open Your Heart To Christmas- Straight Talk on Life Issues


It’s the best time of the year, join us on Straight Talk on Life Issues for this very special Christmas program! The Christmas story is connected to the pro-life message in a powerful way. Brad and Victor are joined by board certified obstetrician Dr. Anthereca E. Lane, and Rev. Jim Behringer to highlight the wonder of Christmas and the pro-life movement. Join us for this very special episode of Straight Talk on Life Issues 

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The world needs more babies and Christmas trees. When an abortion takes place, it’s like someone or something smashes His cherished ornament to pieces right before His eyes. Imagine the pain God feels when He lovingly selects a child for placement into a family with a perfect plan for his or her life. Only to have His precious gift rejected and brutally killed by abortion.

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Lane Women’s Health On Demand is committed to providing quality, reliable women’s health resources.

Dr. Lane founder of Lane Women’s Health on Demand. has a passion for community health education and strives to empower all women to become active participants in their health.

Christian Life Resources is devoted to providing Biblically-rooted counsel on life and family issues. We do that with a ministry of truth, a ministry of love, a ministry of action – all focused on the heart rightly calibrated in its relationship with God.


Rev. Jim Behringer of Fort Worth, Texas, retired from pastoral ministry after 44 years, serving congregations in the midwest, California and Japan. A decade of his ministry was spent helping congregations serve people with disabilities or challenges from addiction to military service. He also had a special focus on spiritual support for pregnancy resource centers, and is currently the chairman of the board for Christian Life Resources. He and his wife Vicki have three sons and ten grandchildren. 

Dr. Anthereca E. Lane is a board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist and entrepreneur practicing in Cincinnati, OhioShe is the owner of Lane Women’s Health on Demand, LLC, an online women’s health resource company and Lane Media and Photography. She has served as Ohio State Director of the Christian Medical & Dental Association and as a member of the Elkhart County Board of Health. Dr. Lane is currently on the Board of Directors of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists and serves as the head of its Medical Professionals of Color subsection. She also currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Powel-Crosley YMCA. Dr. Lane has been a member of the medical staff at Good Samaritan Hospital since July 2022She is married to her husband of 26 yearsThey have two daughters. 

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