Impacting the Next Generation – Straight Talk on Life Issues


Impacting the next generation is crucial in the fight to protect life. They will be the ones to carry the torch for generations to come so we must reach as many of them as we can with pro-life education. This week Brad and Victor are joined by Sammie Carel and Maison Deschamps, aka pro-life Spiderman. The pair discuss their unique efforts to reach young people and share insights on how we can best do so ourselves.  


Let Them Live – Defending the Defenseless

If you are a struggling mother contemplating abortion for any reason, know that you are not alone and you are loved!

Let Them Live, and their generous donors, will surround you with care and support, and help you with anything that you need.


Pro-Life Arizona

We are working to create a community of pro-life providers!

Pro-life OB’s are in high demand in Phoenix. Last year, Life Choices Women’s Clinics provided 1,812 positive pregnancy tests and many of these patients turned to us for help finding obstetric care. Other Pregnancy Resource Centers will also be able to take advantage of these OB services, unifying our collective efforts to provide pro-life healthcare for patients.

Because we see so many women suffering with depression and substance abuse we will also add a mental health component to this care.

Pro-Life Spiderman – youtube

I climb Skyscrapers to raise money and awareness for women in crisis pregnancy.


Life Choices’ Pro-Life Education

We at Life Choices Women’s Clinic are so excited to share with you our various opportunities for furthering education for teenagers and college students, as well as events that they can actively participate in to fight for the pro-life movement. We empower teens to not only value the unborn, but fight for them.



Sammie Carel is the education coordinator at Life Choices Women’s Clinic. Her job primarily consists of speaking at churches, schools, and youth groups, giving pro-life presentations accompanied with a live ultrasound. Sammie also plans and hosts pro-life retreats, creates volunteer opportunities for families to serve together, and supports youth ministers in the Diocese of Phoenix. Sammie and her husband Alex live in Phoenix, Arizona with their two beautiful children.

Maison Deschamps is a 24-year-old – free-climber. He climbs exterior of buildings with one thought in mind: saving the life of an unborn child. A public pro-life activist for almost two years now, DesChamps has assumed the nickname “Pro-life Spider-man” for his many feats. Each time DesChamps climbs a tower, thousands of dollars are raised for a woman considering abortion in order to support her pregnancy to term and after. Ambassador for Let Them Live.  

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